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Symptoms and therapy


In the concepts of Multifactorial Psychology and of Interactive Hypnosis, symptoms must be analyzed and resolved by identifying the patient’s unhealthy way of being and trying to remove it. They are closely related to the prevalence of their unhealthy part and cannot be therefore treated differently. The symptoms are to be studied and analyzed with a personal diagnosis of the person who is currently living them, within their unhealthy way of being.


Meaning of symptoms

The problems (such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia) are often the only effects of living the unhealthy way of being, when the habitual prevalence of the unhealthy part in the patient is present. For this reason, it is important to tackle the therapy starting from the analysis and identification of the patient’s personality profile.




Starting from the unhealthy way of being

Even in relation to the high rate of co-morbidity found in clinical practice, if you want to understand the problems of the patient you must necessarily know the person where these problems are happening.

The symptoms cannot be solved as elements in their own right, but must be faced and resolved within the weakening of the unhealthy way of being of the person.

If we deal with the problems independently from the analysis of the personality profile, the sudden happening of the symptoms would be momentary and we would face their reappearance after a certain period of time, or we will see that the unresolved underlying discomfort would find other symptomatic forms to express itself within the individual.



Therapeutic course

By using the Multifactorial Psychology, we allow the therapeutic path to be not only a survey on the patient’s problems, a constant and continuous investigation actually strengthens the ongoing problems.

Once the diagnosis has been established, in fact, the greatest effort must be referred to the process of change. Any other references of the patient to their own discomfort must be reported and linked to the diagnosis made: this is related to the human type of the individual, especially to their conditioned modality and conditioned style.

The problems can therefore be tackled and solved through a psychotherapeutic journey, by using Interactive Hypnosis and Multifactorial Psychology, so to ensure that the healthy part prevails in the person and it is lived by the patient with continuity and stability thus achieving a final state of well-being.