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Healthy and unhealthy ways of being


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“The healthy and unhealthy ways of being” describes the two ways of being which each person can use. They consist of constant relational predictions that express different visions of the world, different attitudes towards life. But there is a substantial distinction: on one side we have the healthy ways of being and on the other we have the unhealthy ways of being.

Everyone will always have at his disposal one of the healthy ways of being and one of the unhealthy ways of being. The first is constituted by the healthy unconscious and the healthy conscious mind, the second by the unhealthy unconscious and the unhealthy conscious mind.

The therapeutic process consists, therefore, in weakening the unhealthy way of being and in strengthening the healthy way of being.

This text is aimed primarily at psychotherapists and all health professionals. It is, however, easy to understand, it is also suitable for an audience of non-experts, for all those who want to learn more about themselves and the people with whom they usually relate.


The author

Giulio De Cinti has been working as a psychotherapist in Rome since the late 1980s. He has held and holds seminars on his theoretical approach, presented in this text, and the mode in which he carries out his profession through the use of hypnotic methods that allow him to communicate with the unconscious and to promote rehabilitation.


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