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Human types modalities styles

copertina-tipi-umaniThe book is available only in Italian.

“Human types, modalities and styles”  describes relational models that, interacting with each other, determine in each person two alternative ways of relating: healthy and conditioned (also called unhealthy) functioning. With this approach it is possible to define people through supra-personal variables but at the same time not to neglect the uniqueness of every single person.

The therapeutic process consists then in weakening the conditioned way of putting oneself and in reinforcing the healthy functioning that a resource already present in the person, often unknown, but which is difficult to master consistently.

This psychological theory, elaborated through two decades of research, analyzes the psychic organization of people and their ways of relational interaction. By studying the behaviour of the persons and the mechanisms that regulate human dynamics, an organic vision of the person has been constructed, which is characterized by some variables. These  variables are the interactive models of relational functioning.

From the identification of a set of variables to define the ways of being of the person has led to  the definition of “Multifactorial Psychology”.