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Personality Profile Events

(Below it is reported how it is planned to structure Personality Profile Events. However, each event may undergo the variations that are deemed most appropriate. They will be communicated to those interested in participating)





The Personality Profile Events intend to introduce the participants to an innovative conception of the person and to the personality profiles (healthy and unhealthy) that it includes.

In these events, the elements that make up the profile of each person will be presented and that identify his healthy part and his unhealthy part.

Event’s goal to provide will come to have a complete picture on how to understand yourself and others.


Who is it for?

The course is aimed at people interested in getting to know themselves and the people they relate to better.

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Program of Events 




Conception of the person and categories of multifactorial psychology


  1. a) The person, two personality profiles (one healthy and one unhealthy);
  2. b) Conscious / unconscious mind and possible balances;
  3. c) Human types: A1; A2; A3; B1; B2; B3;
  4. d) Healthy categories. The healthy modality and the healthy style;
  5. e) Conditional categories. Conditional Modalities and Conditional Styles.

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Construction of personality profiles

  1. a) from healthy categories to healthy personality profiles ;
  2. b) from unhealthy categories to unhealthy personality profiles;
  3. c) common characteristics of healthy ways and unhealthy personality profiles;
  4. d) interpersonal relationships and social relationships


Psychotherapeutic intervention

Psychotherapeutic intervention consists in strengthening and making the healthy personality profile dominant and weakening the unhealthy personality profile.



| Personality Profiles | Deepening

Logic of this theory; theoretical approach; the categories and their schemes; categories existing in nature; humanist immanentism; categorical choice and unrepeatability of the person.

– Debate

| Break

| Personality Profiles | Deepening

Category choice as opposed to dimensional choice; addition and subtraction of the characteristics of the categories; problems related to comorbidity.

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