In life do not collect what you sow, collect what you care for.

Structure of the person

Multifactorial Psychology is a psychological theory that studies people’s behaviors and formulates an organic view of the structure of the person and of all the possible ways of relating, which are practically personality profiles.

In defining the possible ways of being three different variables have been identified. Each of them contributes in determining the approach of people towards life and thus in composing the structure of the person. This evidence led to the definition of Multifactorial Psychology.


The three variables

The human types
They show a natural attitude, which is genetic and which does not determine the health or the conditioning. There are six different categories and they refer to different kinds of natural attitudes, and different inclinations.

The modalities
They concern affectivity and these variables can be classified as healthy or unhealthy.
The healthy modality, which is only one of them, concern the presence of the feeling of acceptance and presence of free and constant amiability.
There are four conditioned modalities and they represent four unsuccessful attempts to gain acceptance and amiability (the conditioned term is used as a synonym of unhealthy and intends to make explicit connection to negative experiences of childhood, as they continues to have a strong influence).

The styles
They concern relationship and they can also be healthy or unhealthy.
The healthy style, which is only one of them, concerns the experience of consideration in the context of mutual recognition.
There are eight different conditioned styles and they address eight ineffective strategies to gain attention when there is the fear that it will never be granted.

The different ways of being (both healthy and conditioned) consist of three categories: one from the modalities (the healthy one or one of the four conditioned), one from the styles (the healthy one or one of the eight conditioned) and one of the six human types.

The structure of healthy and unhealthy ways of being

The ways of being are constituted by a set of three categories, only one for each type: no more than one modality, no more than one style and no more than one human type. It never happens that a healthy modality is associated with an conditioned style and vice versa.

Healthy ways of being
Healthy modality and healthy style, in association with the six human types, form the six healthy ways of being. They are the expression of the different forms of the well-being living together with the others.

Unhealthy ways of being
The four conditioned modalities and the eight conditioned styles combined with the six human types constitute the numerous unhealthy ways of being (192). They are based on the fear of non-acceptance and non-consideration.


Structure of the person

Any ways of being, therefore, which could be either healthy or unhealthy, is characterized by a human type, a modality and a style, and they all together constitute the structure of the person.

The diagram below describes how these categories are present in each individual: within the outer rectangle, which represents the whole individual, there are two smaller rectangles.

The left rectangle contains the two elements that constitute the healthy way of being. The right rectangle contains the two elements that constitute the unhealthy way of being.

To understand a human being it’s necessary to identify the two different sets of three categories. The set of three of the healthy way of being consists of the healthy modality, healthy style and one of the human types. The set of three of the unhealthy way of being is composed by one of the four conditioned modalities, by one of the eight conditioned styles and by the same human type.

The two sets of three, in one person, share the same human type. In fact, the human type is included in the intersection of the two different sets. The human type, if activated together with the healthy categories, will be lived in a better form; on the other hand, if this is activated together with the unhealthy variables, this will be lived in a worse form.

The two sets defined here are one the opposite of the other, and the presence of one excludes the other one.

Please see below the diagram explaining structure of the person:



The person can live the healthy modality only with the healthy style and he/she’ll live one of the conditioned modalities together with one of the conditioned styles. That’s because it is not possible to use a healthy variable together with a conditioned one.


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If you want to learn more about Multifactorial Psychology, you can download a free extract of the book Healthy and unhealthy ways of being“, in which are presented the entire psychological theory and its applications during the therapeutic intervention.